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Jaddas's Nanoglass Factory

Jaddas stone is the first company to produce third-generation white nanoglass slab. Its performance is better than granite & marble. It can be widely used in the stone decoration market and is affordable. Super white nanoglass is an absolute substitute for traditional decorative materials, Pure white nanoglass stone slab can be used in: kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall cladding, flooring, furniture, etc. Now with the 3D spray, The advancement of the application of ink printing technology in the field of building materials has allowed us to see the possibility of enriching the colors of nano glass stone. We introduced advanced equipment, organized personnel to tackle key problems, and finally introduced textured nano granite slab to the market in 2015, and was recognized by the market.


The above pictures were taken in our nanoglass factory, which contains advanced technologies and equipment for producing nanoglass, such as physical vapor deposition process, high-pressure sintering process, shuttle kiln, cutting and polishing machine, etc. The Jadas Nanoglass Factory is open to the public and welcomes visitors interested in learning more about nanoglass and its benefits.

If you want to build a NANOGLASS PRODUCTION LINE in your country, our company and partners can provide you with a one-stop service of production line and plant design, equipment production procurement, installation, commissioning, trial production, and staff training.
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Here you can see our nano crystallized glass factory equipment, production process, etc. Nanoglass is a new type of sintered building material, which has the appearance of natural stone and also has the performance of some glass. Nanoglass is made by fusing nanometer-sized particles of crystallized glass under high temperature and pressure. Nano glass has a pure white color and a smooth surface that reflects light and creates stunning visual effects.

You can learn more about the properties and benefits of nano glass, such as its anti-stain, anti-scratch, heat-resistant, non-porous, antibacterial, eco-friendly, multi-functional and affordable qualities.

Jaddas Nanoglass Factory welcomes customers who are interested in learning more about nanoglass and its potential.

Gallery showing commonly used processing equipment in our nanoglass fabrication workshop

  • Infrared bridge cutting
  • Artificial polishing of nanoglass countertop surface
  • 11-head multifunctional stone vertical edge grinding and chambering machine
  • Water jet drilling machine
  • Water jet drilling machine
  • Polished hot-bent curved plate
  • Project pre-installation in workshop

Jaddas Nanoglass factory-processed nano glass products can be applied to any building decoration projects, it has a high-gloss surface, wear-resistant, non-absorbent and competitive price. Our white nano glass slabs, nano granite, nano marble, nano glass countertops, nano glass wall cladding, calacatta nanoglass and luxury nanoglass serial are sold worldwide.