Nanoglass Colors

70+ Nanoglass marble for your select

Nanoglass Colors

Jaddas is Nano Glass Stone Professional Manufacturer since 2011 from China.

After nearly 10 years of development in inkjet printing technology, it can clearly restore the flexibility of natural stone patterns. Many different colors and patterns have been designed, and the appearance can be customized according to your taste. It may not be marble, but it has surpassed real marble in many aspects.

Nanoglass warehouse
Nanoglass warehouse

New nanoglass Colors - Each one is exquisite

Jaddas Stone new nano glass colors, these are the most popular and widely used luxury stone varieties of the stone market. Now you only need to spend one-third or even one-fifth of the price to buy luxury nano glass slab with better quality.

Obama wood nanoglass stone
Obama wood nanoglass stone slab - Jaddas stone
Fusion Black Nanoglass
Fusion Black Granite, Fusion Black Nanoglass - Jaddas Nano granite
Botanic wave nanoglass
Botanic wave quartzite / Botanic wave nanoglass
Empress Green Nanoglass
Empress Green Marble - Jaddas Nanoglass
Sea sand wave nanoglass slab
Sea of sand and caramel waves - Jaddas nanoglass
Rainbow onyx nanoglass
Rainbow onyx nanoglass slab, brown onyx nanoglass - Jaddas Stone
Opera D’ Arte nanoglass
Opera D’ Arte luxury marble - Jaddas Nanoglass
Statuario White nanoglass
Statuario White marble - Jaddas Nanoglass
Noir Grand Antique nanoglass
Noir Grand Antique Granite - Jaddas Nanoglass
Panda nanoglass
Panda Nano Granite- Jaddas Nanonglass

3D Inkjet Print Nanoglass Marble Slab Colors

70+ Colors For Your Project

During the development of 3d inkjet print technology used on the pure white nanoglass, The super nano glass stone can be print into many different marble and granite colors. Such as Calacatta white/gold, Carrara White, luxury stone, wood vein, grey, blue, onyx and sapphire etc.

3D Ink jet Printed Nanoglass, Our customers often called nano granite or nano marble

Customization of patterns based on design drawing

Slab Size: 2400 – 3200 mm x 1500 / 1600 mm / 1800 mm
Thickness: 6mm, 12 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm
Customization of thickness.

Through Body Nanoglass

Full body nanoglass include: wooden vein, cold ice, beige wooden, gray timber and calacatta blue.

3D Ink jet Printed Nanoglass colors

Get Your Next Project Done!

Nano White Marble Colors


Nanoglass desktop
Jaddas Nanoglass desktop

Other names for nanoglass colors

  • Nano Crystallized Glass Colors
  • Nano White Colors
  • Nano Crystallized Glass Colors
  • Glass Stone Colors
  • Nano granite Colors
  • Nano marble Colors

Nanoglass types and daily production

The daily output of nanoglass marble slab is more than 800 square meters of 3D Ink jet printed glass stone grain slab.
HOT SALES: Pure white, Calacatta white, Calacatta Gold, Grey Wood Vein, Statuario White, Ariston Marble, Napoleon Gold, Sunny White, Oriental White, Carrara White, Volakas Marble, Thassos White, Bianco Dolomiti, Macedonia Marble, Panda Marble, Snow White, Sapphire and Lauren Black.

All the nanoglass colors are carefully designed by designers

In the future, more and more luxury stones and even beautiful wallpapers will be designed and printed on nanoglass slab panels, and they will become luxury stones and beautiful wallpapers and murals, use them on floors, walls, or furniture, there will be endless possibilities and imagination.

Need to buy cheap and easy-to-use imitation marble nanoglass products to add taste and personality to your house!

In addition, we also offer gorgeous nanoglass floor tiles, nanoglass wall cladding, nano crystallized glass staircase, kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top and pure white nanoglass column. If you are looking for suitable marble and granite product alternatives, you are in the right place! Welcome to import Artificial glass stone from China Jaddas

Jaddas Stone will keep improving our imitation nanoglass colors design, make sure you get the luxury nanoglass stone products for your projects, and welcome to customize your own unique texture products!

Gallery Nano granite & Nano Marble Factory

The daily output of nanoglass marble slab is more than 800 square meters of 3D Ink jet printed glass stone grain slab.

Calacatta gold nanoglass

Calacatta Nanoglass slab

We have warehouses for the hot-selling nano marble glass, which can be loaded at any time. If the one you choose is not in stock, we can also arrange production within 7 days, and we can process your order in time.

Sapphire Nanoglass

Sapphire nanoglass

The custom-made 3 m X 1.6 m sapphire nano glass slab will be tiled on the bottom of his outdoor swimming pool, and the large particles of sapphire will reflect a distinctive style.

Cutting Nanoglass panel

Cutting Nano Marble

Cutting nanoglass is the same as cutting natural stone, the difference is that nanoglass is harder, so you need a slower speed and a dedicated nanoglass saw blade when cutting.

water-jet cutting nanoglass

Shaped Processing

Nanoglass stone can be shaped with water jets like marble. The picture is VANITY TOP boiling water bathroom sinkhole

Panda white nanoglass

Panda White Nanoglass

3D inkjet printing nanoglass marble can be spliced and extended infinitely without traces. It is often used to decorate indoor and outdoor walls or floor tiles, and the effect is very high-end and atmospheric.

Calacatta gray nanoglass

Calacatta White Nanoglass

Pure white, Calacatta white, Calacatta Gold, Grey Wood Vein, Statuario White, Carrara White and Thassos White marble are popular varieties.

Round Nanoglass desk top

Round Nanoglass Desktop

Nanoglass has super strong properties such as oil resistance, zero water absorption, high temperature resistance and high hardness. It is often used by designers on nanoglass kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks and other various desktops.

Nanoglass Loading in container

Loading Calacatta gold

We have a set of proven packaging design and container loading process, which can ensure that your goods will not be damaged during transportation.

FAQ Of Nanoglass Colors

China Largest Stone-like pattern nanoglass Factory.
–70+ Popular Marbling Slab, Patterns are increasing
— Size: 2800 – 3200 mm X 1600/1500 mm
— Thickness: 12-30 mm, 18 mm in stock
— Size and thickness can be customized
— The pattern can be customized according to the drawing
Stone-like pattern nanoglass countertops
–The size and shape can be customized according to the order requirements.
–Like acrylic, it is possible to process the countertop with a curved design using the hot bending process.
External & internal wall dry hanging panels
–The size and style of the dry-hanging nanoglass panel can be customized
NanoGlass Column, tiles, step, bar top, desktop and vanity top
— Hot bending, special-shaped, etc.

Marble pattern nano glass is to use 3D inkjet printing technology to imitate marble pattern on the surface of pure white nano glass. Stone surfaces with various textures can be made according to preferences. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor floors and wall facades, nanoglass columns, countertops in all types of commercial and private projects.

Nano Marble Application:
1). Interior & external wall cladding
2). Flooring Tile, Stair, Column cladding
3). Basin, Countertop, Table, Bar
4). Bath, Kitchen, any tops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc.

Nano crystallized Marble(nano marble) also UV resistant, so it won’t fade and change color even in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
Printed marbling nanoglass is made by using extreme pressure and heat on a mix of minerals and other materials to create a solid stone. The manufacturing process makes sintered stone extremely durable and resistant to fading.

Buy nanoglass special saw blades.
If you use a granite or marble blade to cut the nanoglass directly, and often cause chipping, this will explain to everyone how to reduce this situation.
Buy a special nanoglass blade because the hardness of the nanoglass is higher. Natural stone granite and marble, if you use granite blades to cut the nanoglass, it is easy to collapse.
If you have any questions or buy Nanoglass Cutting Diamond Blade please free contact us.

Nano white marble is a type of crystallized glass that is factory-manufactured from a blend of 75 percent silica and other natural minerals, the surface of marbling is also a second sintered stone.

Nanoglass Polish Tiles are an excellent choice not only for homes, but also for businesses. They are ideal for high-traffic areas such as offices, retail spaces, and restaurants due to their durability and ease of maintenance.

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