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    A wide range of colors to choose from, with premium marmoglass for your selection.

    Marmoglass Tile

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    Marmoglass Tiles & Slab

    • Price: $42 – $75 / SQM
    • Brand: Jaddas
    • Finishes: Polished
    • Big Slab Size:1.6m – 3.0m x 1.2m- 1.6m
    • Tile Size: Any size, as per customized requirement
    • Thickness:12 mm, 18 mm,20 mm, 25 mm (12 mm – 30 mm)
    • Color: White, Gray, Black, Blue, Green
    • Available Products: Tiles, Panel, Counter top, Decorative Pieces
    • Dimensions: Various sizes available

    High quality and cheap marmoglass tiles from China Jaddas Stone.

    Description Marmoglass Tiles, Panel and Slab

    Marmoglass is made using a special process under high temperatures, similar to the formation of granite. It has superior physical and chemical properties, including even texture, high density, resistance to pressure, bending, and impact. It is more durable than natural stone slabs and does not develop small cracks.
    Marmoglass: also called crystallized glass panel, micro crystal stone, glassos Marble, white crystal stone, Neo-Paris, Crystallized Glass and super glossy white marmoglass etc.

    Jaddas Stone, located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, has been dedicated to manufacturing and selling marmoglass since 2010. We continuously expand and update our product range. Our latest offerings include the Carrara and Calacatta white series, which are particularly well-suited for exterior wall cladding. They boast impressive resistance to acids and alkalis, ensuring they remain free from discoloration and fading over time.


    JADDAS STONE is one of the professional marmoglass slab suppliers, marmoglass tiles wholesalers and marmoglass panel manufacturers in China.

    Property Comparison With Other Relevant Materials
    Marmoglass VS Marble VS Granite

    Test Data Documentary Data
    Material/PropertyUnitMarmoglass tilesMarbleGranite
    Specific gravityg/cm 32.65-
    Compression strengthMpa150220295
    Rupture strengthMpa671520
    Charpy shock strengthKj/m
    Mohs’s Hardness5-63-55.5-6.0
    Water absorption%
    Diffusion reflectivity%855566
    Acid-resistance1% H2SO40.11110.21
    Alkali-resistance1% NAOH0.0790.30.1
    Thermal expansion coefficientX10 -7 /25-4006080-26050-150


    Six Characteristics of Crystallized Glass Stone(Marmoglass)

    1. Superior qualities compared to natural stone slabs
    2. Fine texture, smooth surface, dense structure, evenly crystallized
    3. Available in a wide range of colors
    4. Excellent acid and alkali resistance and heat resistance
    5. No water absorption, making it easy to clean and maintain
    6. Eco-friendly and safe for human health


    7 Features of Marmoglass:

    1. Easy to fabricate
    2. Radiation free
    3. Resietance acid and strengtn
    4. Good wear resistance
    5. High hardness and strength
    6. Diffuse reflection
    7. Zero water absorption

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    Marmoglass: A wide range of colors

    One of the benefits of Marmoglass is its vast color selection. As a synthetic stone, it is not restricted to the colors found in nature.

    Marmoglass comes in a variety of shades, including blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, and more. It is the perfect material for clients who want a more modern and creative design.

    Marmoglass Colors
    Marmoglass Colors

    Marmoglass Slab

    Marmoglass slab is a kiln-sintered stone originating in China, made from marble powder and glass at high temperatures. It is highly stain-resistant and can be used on countertops, floors, stairs, furniture and more. Its name comes from a combination of the English terms “marmo” (marble) and “glass” (glass).

    Marmoglass tile is a practical material that adds aesthetic value to the environment, it is highly stain-resistant and can be used in applications such as countertops, floors, stairs, furniture and more.

    Main marmoglass slabs: 2.8m, 3m X 1.5m,1.6m X 18mm

    Other sizes:
    Length: 2400~3000 mm; Width: 1200~1800 mm.

    Thickness: 12mm/18mm/25mm/30 mm

    Marmoglass slab
    Marmoglass slab
    30 mm thick marmoglass tiles
    Jaddas's 30 mm thick marmoglass tiles

    Marmoglass Tiles

    Manufacturer of Marmoglass Wall & Floor Tiles – Buy Marmoglass External Wall Cladding, Crystal White Floor Tiles, Floor Tiles offered by Jaddas Stone.

    Marmoglass Tiles: 300mmx300mmx 10mm~30 mm, 600mm x 600mm x 10mm~30 mm, 300mm x 600mm x 10mm~30mm, 800mm X 800mm and 600mm X 1200mm.

    Can cut to other sizes per customer required.

    Marmoglass Panel

    Marmoglass panel can be used in all types of projects, whether residential or commercial. Due to the variety of colors, the material harmonizes with various decorative styles, Can be used both indoors and outdoors as the coating is highly durable.
    Supplying top quality marmoglass panel from China Marmoglass factory, Inquiry now!

    Nanoglass external wall panel

    The Difference Between Porous Marmoglass and Nonporous Nanoglass

    The main difference between marmoglass and nano glass stone is the way air is released during sintering. In marmoglass, air can escape from the top and bottom surfaces, but air in the middle cannot escape, resulting in the formation of small pores. Nanoglass, on the other hand, uses nanotechnology in its production. In this way, air bubbles in the material can be removed, making it more even and uniform.

    The Effect of Pores on Porous Marmoglass

    These pores are only present in the middle section of the porous microcrystalline stone panel, not on the surface. Therefore, they do not affect the use of the panel as a material. However, marmoglass cannot be polished twice, otherwise the pores may be exposed. In addition, pores may also appear on the sides after cutting. These pores can be repaired with marmoglass glue, which can achieve no color difference.

    Marmoglass side view
    Marmoglass side view
    Nanoglass sample
    Nanoglass edge sample

    Application of Marmoglass / Micro Crystallized Glass Stone panel & Tiles:

    Marmoglass panel, widely used as wall and floor tiles in the decoration of different buildings such as office building, bank, shopping mall, hospitals, airport departure lounge, hotels public buildings, etc.

    1). Interior & Exterior wall cladding;

    2). Flooring tile, Stair panel, Windowsill panel, Column cladding;

    3). Kitchen counter top, Bathroom vanity top, etc.

    White marmoglass floor tiles advantages

    Six advantage of nanoglass

    Micro crystallized stone is made out from glass grains, fired and crystallized two times in high temperature stove more than 25 hours and cold down to the panels directly. The thick is made as customer required, not cut out.

    marmoglass Specifications

    Name Marmoglass TilesAlso Called: crystallized glass panel, micro crystal stone, glassos Marble, white crystal stone, Neo-Paris, Crystallized Glass and super glossy white marmoglass etc.
    Popular SizeTile Size:
    300 mm – 1000 mm x 300 mm / 1200 mm and Customized size.
    Customized according to customer needs
    ThicknessNormal:12 mm/18 mm/25 mm / 30mm12 MM-30 MM can be produced, need order support
    ColorPure White, black, calacatta, gray, blue, greenPDF Download
    Jaddas Nanoglass Colors
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    Jaddas marmoglass

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