Nano White Tile

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    Nano White Tile / Nano White Marble Tile / Nano White Granite tile

    Nano white tiles are the epitome of elegance and durability in architectural design.

    Nano White Tiles

    • Brand: Jaddas
    • Price: $42 – $60
    • Finishes: Polished
    • Big Slab Size:1.2 m – 1.6 m X 2.4m – 3.0 m
    • Tile Size: Any size, as per customized requirement
    • Thickness:6 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm,20 mm, 25 mm (6 mm – 30 mm)
    • Color: White, Gray, Black, Blue, Green, calacatta
    • Available Products: Tiles, Panel, Counter top, Decorative Pieces
    • Dimensions: Various sizes available
    • Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain

    What is Nano White Tiles?

    Nano white is a remarkable variety of nano crystallized glass, meticulously crafted in a factory setting using a precise blend of 75 percent silica and other natural minerals. The manufacturing process begins by pouring the silica-based mixture into specialized molds, which ultimately shape the exquisite nano white slabs or tiles. These molds undergo an intense treatment of elevated temperature and pressure, typically lasting for approximately 24-26 hours. This carefully controlled environment ensures the formation of flawless nano white surfaces with exceptional strength and durability.

    Nano white tile VS Nanoglass white tile

    Nano white tiles are cut from slab into specifications required by customers.
    Nanoglass white tile is also called Nanoglass White Porcelain, its Specifications are determined before leaving the factory, More information of nanoglass white tile in or

    Nano White Tiles: Redefining Elegance and Durability

    Nano white tiles are the epitome of elegance and durability in the world of architectural design. Jaddas as a leading manufacturer of nano white tiles, we pride ourselves on delivering products that seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with exceptional performance. Our nano white tiles are crafted using advanced technology and superior materials, resulting in a surface that exudes timeless beauty while offering unmatched strength.

    Precision Manufacturing for Flawless Finishes

    At our nano white tiles process workshop, we employ cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create nano white tiles of unparalleled quality. Each tile undergoes a meticulous process, ensuring precise cuts, uniform sizes, and flawless finishes. Our commitment to precision guarantees that every tile we produce is a work of art, ready to elevate any space it adorns.

    Unleashing the Power of Nano Technology

    Nano white tiles are crystallized in a high-temperature furnace, unlocking a range of benefits that set them apart from conventional tiles. These nano white tile’s have resistance to stains, scratches, and heat, ensuring a surface that retains its pristine appearance even under heavy usage. Additionally, the nano particles contribute to a captivating sheen, adding depth and vibrancy to any room.

    Unmatched Durability for Longevity

    Our nano marble are engineered to withstand the tests of time. Thanks to their advanced composition, they offer exceptional durability, making them suitable for high-traffic areas and demanding environments. Whether it’s a residential space or a commercial project, our nano white marble tiles will retain their beauty and integrity for years to come, providing a long-lasting investment that surpasses expectations.

    Versatile Design Possibilities

    With their timeless charm and versatility, nano white tiles open up a world of design possibilities. Whether you’re aiming for a classic, minimalist, or contemporary look, these tiles effortlessly adapt to any style. Their neutral color palette allows for easy integration with various design elements, creating a harmonious and visually striking space that leaves a lasting impression.

    Commitment to Sustainability

    We understand the importance of environmentally responsible practices. Our manufacturing process prioritizes sustainability, utilizing eco-friendly materials and minimizing waste generation. By choosing our nano white panels, you can be confident that you’re investing in a product that not only enhances your space but also contributes to a greener future.

    Nano white granite tiles embody the perfect marriage of elegance and durability, making them a standout choice for architects, designers, and homeowners alike. With our commitment to precision manufacturing, advanced nano technology, unmatched durability, and versatile design possibilities, we are proud to be at the forefront of nano white tile production. Choose us as your trusted partner, and let our nano white tiles transform your space into a haven of sophistication and lasting beauty.

    Gallery of Nano white tiles

    Nano white Stone Specifications

    BrandOEM / Unbranded packaging
    NameNano White TileAlso Called: Nano white marble tile, Nano white marble tile and nano white tile
    Popular SizeSize:
    600 mm x 600 mm, 600 mm x 1200 mm, 800 mm x 800 mm, 1000 mm x 1000 mm.
    Can be cut to other sizes
    Thickness6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 25mm
    ColorPure White

    Price of Nano White Tiles

    Price USD 58 per square meter in 16.9.2023.
    The nano white tile price fluctuates with the price of source materials and the relationship between supply and demand. If you need the latest price list, please tell us ( your any inquire, we will reply you within 24 hours, we do not have a minimum order quantity, small quantities can be shipped in bulk.

    Jaddas Nano Tiles

    Jaddas stone Logo

    Manufacturer of Nano White Tile

    Jaddas Stone is a professional manufacturer of high-quality nano white tiles with advanced nano-technology. We pride ourselves on our precision, innovation, and commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. Choose Jaddas’s nano marble tiles for your next project to experience unparalleled quality and performance.

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