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    Nanoglass Column Cladding: Beautiful columns are the industry standard for quality, durability and design

    Nano Glass Column

    JADDAS STONE is one of the professional nano glass column and nano crystallized glass column covers suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers in China.

    Nanoglass column covers cladding

    Pure white nanoglass column covers are the ideal choice for your columns and beam.
    The shape of Nanoglass stone Columns in the hall can be round, square or other special ones.
    Thickness: 18 mm(in stock)
    Size:1/2 round, 1/3 round and 1/4 round
    According to the diameter of the Column, the cylinder cover plate can be divided into two, three or four curved plates seamlessly spliced into a column.
    Beautiful nanoglass column and beam cladding panels

    Description of Nanoglass Column Covers and Cladding

    Jaddas Nanoglass column and beam cladding can be shaped into almost any geometry, beyond the typical cylindrical or square tubular cladding. It can be seamlessly spliced at 45 degrees or use curved Nano crystallized glass stone panels that are bent to heat. This makes it more flexible than marble or granite columns covers. It’s perfect for enclosing any vertical, sloped, or horizontal structural member – concrete, structural steel, and stud backup.

    Here we introduce the comparison of column arc plates. The arc plates are only used to wrap the decorative cylinder and are part of the outer surface of the cylinder.
    Nanoglass column (Nanoglass arc plates) is a type of column that is made from nanoglass, a special kind of Nano crystallized glass stone that is extremely durable, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant. Nanoglass column covers can be customized to fit any column design, from round to square, from traditional to modern, and can create stunning effects with light and color. Nano glass column cladding is also easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and fire-resistant. Nanoglass column is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, such as hotels, villas, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. White nanoglass column cover is a revolutionary product that combines the strength and beauty of natural stone with the innovation and technology of nanomaterials.

    Customized Design Pure white Nanoglass Column Pillar Cover

    100% Top-quality nanoglass panel
    A Great Deal Of Experience in Producing Hot-Bent Arc Plates.

    Products: Nano Glass Column Cladding, Column covers and Pillars

    Material: Pure white nanoglass, Calacatta nanoglass

    Price: Very Reasonable Price.

    Surface:High Polished Or Honed

    Technical: Hot Bend, 45-degree seamless splicing

    Style:Classical, Modern, Religious, Abstract, Europe

    Strict quality inspection, sturdy wooden box packaging, the fastest delivery

    Nano glass columns covers could be used in a variety of architectural decoration scenes, which could add another beautiful ornament to your building.

    Production Flow for Nanoglass Column steps :

    Step 1: Arc plate or Shaped curved panels into high temperature kiln for shaping (hot bend panels)

    Step 2: Cutting Column Panel Edge

    Step 3: Polished column arc plate outer surface and sides

    Step 4: Test the installation and check whether the installation gap is up to standard

    Step 5: Clean, inspect (Manual Check) and The surface is covered with a transparent plastic film to prevent scratches during handling and installation.

    Step 6: Packing (by wooden crated)

    Nanoglass Column

    Pure white Nanoglass columns circular cover tiles manufacturers and suppliers

    Jaddas Stone is China’s leading custom nanoglass column manufacturer of beautiful residential and commercial decorative and architectural products.

    Pure white bend panel

    Square Column and Beam
    Square column and beam without splicing nanoglass stone arc panel
    Processed using nano glass that can be heated and bent

    Nanoglass Arc plate

    1/4 round column cover
    1/3 Pure white nanoglass cover
    Maintenance-free synthetic nano glass columns cladding

    Nanoglass column covers

    1/2 round column cladding
    Nano marble column cladding
    Classically designed
    Provide a lifetime of classic beauty

    Nanoglass column and pillar

    Nanoglass Pillar Cladding
    Nano crystal glass pillar with Customized Design

    Nanoglass column cladding

    Customized nanoglass alien arc panel
    Nano granite cladding For Indoor Columns
    Nano granite covers for external columns

    Calacatta gold column cladding

    Calacatta Gold Nanoglass Column
    All the nanoglass vein can be hot bend to arc panel
    Widely using in luxury properties and residential

    Nanoglass Column VS Marble Column

    Nanoglass arc plate and marble arc plate are two types of column that are made from different materials. Nano white granite column is made from nanoglass, a special kind of nano crystallized glass stone that is extremely durable, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant. Marble column is made from marble, a natural stone that has elegance and beauty. Here are some of the main differences between them:

    • Nanoglass Curved Plate can be customized to fit any column design, from round to square, from traditional to modern, and can create stunning effects with light and color. Marble column has limited design options and colors, depending on the natural variation of the stone.
    • Nanoglass arc tile is easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and fire-resistant. Marble column requires regular sealing and maintenance, may emit radiation, and may crack under high temperature.
    • Nanoglass column is stronger, more impact-resistant and wear-resistant than marble column. Marble column is softer, more prone to chipping and breaking than nanoglass column.
    • Nanoglass around arc plate is cheaper and more flexible than marble column. Marble column is more expensive and less available than nanoglass column.

    Based on these differences, you can choose the type of column that suits your needs and preferences. Nanoglass column is a better choice if you want a durable, stain-resistant, and customizable column. Marble column is a better choice if you want a natural, elegant, and classic column.

    Let’s take a look at how ordinary granite, marble and Nanoglass columns are processed?

    There are two types of marble columns: solid and hollow. Solid marble columns are made by cutting the stone blocks into square columns and then machining them with machinery. Hollow marble columns can be made by cutting the stone blocks into curved plates with a rope saw and then splicing them, or by manually splicing and polishing flat plates. The specific process can be seen in the video below.

    Granite columns are also divided into solid and hollow types. They can be made from whole stone bars or from curved plates cut with a rope saw. The video below shows the processing process of a whole hollow column. Granite columns cannot be seamlessly spliced with flat plates like marble.

    Nanoglass column is a hollow column. It is wrapped with curved plates around the decorative column body. The production of nanoglass arc plate is different from the processing method of natural stone column. It is not cut into curved plates with a rope saw, but heated with a professional high-temperature kiln to make it bend into the shape or curvature we design.

    Stone columns are widely used in architecture. Exquisite marble columns can enhance the artistic atmosphere of the building. Rough and tall granite columns can reflect the grandeur and magnificence of the building and non-building structures, Innovative and durable white nanoglass columns or calacatta nanoglass column can create stunning effects with light and color for the building.

    Customer Nanoglass column Applications Showcase

    Import High-Quality Nanoglass column from China’s Leading Manufacturer

    Jaddas Stone is a leading manufacturer of nanoglass column cladding in China. We have successfully completed nano glass stone covers projects in domestic and foreign markets. Jaddas nanoglass factory has modern equipment, experienced workers, and strict quality inspection. We have over a decade of experience in producing nanoglass column. We have undertaken many projects in China and abroad, such as hotels, villas, shopping malls, office buildings, etc.

    Furthermore, we offer competitive prices, fast delivery, and after-sales service. Jaddas stone are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you on your building project. Please feel free to contact us for more information and quotation.

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    Processing nanoglass arc panel

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