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    Nanoglass Countertop

    More than 15 years, nanoglass countertops and vanity tops manufacturing experience.

    Nanoglass kitchen Countertops

    Nanoglass countertops are a kitchen surface made of 75% silica and other natural minerals. It has a smooth white exterior without any grain or grout lines. It is very durable, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and easy to clean. It is fired at high temperature and does not contain resin, food can be placed directly on it without contamination. Nano glass countertops are suitable for modern and contemporary kitchen designs who want a luxurious and elegant look. JADDAS is a professional countertop manufacturer in China. Our countertop products have been sold to 40+ countries around the world.

    Jaddas stone provides professional nanoglass countertop production services

    We have a factory specializing in the production of nano glass counter tops, equipped with the latest production settings, such as: Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine, Water Jet Cutting Machine and 45 degree Cutting Machine etc.
    Most of the countertop’s worker already worked for more than 5 years, some is 10 years, can handle any design and special project order.
    Our nano glass slabs have a length of 2800MM and 3000MM and a width of 1500MM and 1600MM, which can meet most of the countertop design requirements.
    Jaddas stone is a leading manufacturer of nanoglass countertops in China. They have more than 15 years of experience in producing high-quality and durable nanoglass products for various applications. Jaddas stone offers customized sizes, shapes, and colors of nanoglass countertops to meet the needs of different customers. Jaddas stone is committed to providing the best nanoglass countertops for your kitchen and bathroom.


    Nanoglass countertops have the following advantages

    • High durability: Nanoglass countertops are very durable and resistant to cracks, scuffs, and scratches, even more than hard materials like granite and quartz. They can also withstand high temperatures without warping or cracking.
    • Natural material: Nanoglass countertops are made of natural materials and silica, with no radiation or toxicity.
    • Attractive appearance: Nanoglass countertops have a pure white color, with no veins or grout lines, looking very smooth and clean. They can make your kitchen look more spacious and bright.
    • Easy to clean and maintain: Nanoglass countertops are non-porous, so they don’t stain easily and don’t need regular waxing or sealing. You just need to wipe them with a damp cloth.
    • Reasonable cost: Nanoglass countertops are much cheaper than luxurious materials like marble, but with a similar effect. You can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen without breaking your budget.

    Customer Nanoglass countertop Applications Showcase

    Nanoglass Specifications

    BrandJADDAS STONECountertop workshop gallery
    MaterialNanoglassAlso Called: Nanoglass granite, Nano crystallized glass and nano white
    Popular SizeNano White Countertop Popular Size:
    Kitchen countertop: 24″x96″, 26″x96″, 28″x96″, 28″x108″, etc.
    Countertop Peninsula: 36″/39″/28″ x 78″, etc.
    Countertop Island: 66″/84″/86″ x 42″, etc.
    Nano white Snack Bar: 12″/15″/18″ x 78″, etc.
    Bathroom Vanity: 25″/31″/37″/49″/60″ x 22″, etc.
    Customized according to customer needs
    Thickness18 mm, 25 mm3 MM-30 MM can be produced, need order support
    OriginalShuitou, China
    ColorWhite, black, gold, grayNanoglass colors Collection
    Counter Top EdgingPolished / Honed finish, or according to the client demands.Nanoglass Countertop Edge Collection
    ApplicationsKitchen, Bathroom, dining roomCan Also be Wall facade, floor tiles, column cladding and Furniture

    1. More than 15 years nano white countertops/vanity tops manufacturing experience, Professional workers and quality control.

    2. Full set of automatic countertops processing machine like infrared ray bridge cutting, water jet machine, edge polished machine, 45 degree cutting, edge cutting machine etc.

    3. Most of the countertop’s worker already worked for more than 5 years, some is 10 years, can handle any design and special project order.

    Counter Top In Workshop

    Production Flow for Counter Top

    Production Flow for Counter Top :

    Step 1: Cutting (Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine)
    Step 2: Cutout (Water Jet Cutting Machine)
    Step 3: 5 degree Cutting (45 degree Cutting Machine)
    Step 4: Polishing (Manual Polishing)
    Step 5: Chamfer (Manual Beveling)
    Step 6: Clean and Inspect (Manual Check)
    Step 7: Packing (by wooden crated)

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