Best Nanoglass Diamond Saw Blade

    Project Description

    Diamond Saw Blade For Nanoglass

    MOQ: At least 10 discs
    Material: Diamond Powder+Alloy Steel
    Package: Plastic Bag Inside
    Application: Used for cutting Nanoglass
    Feature: Sharp, wear-resisting, cutting effect is good, stable quality, good diamond
    Best diamond blade for cutting nanoglass, nano white, nano crystallized glass and nano marble

    What is Nanoglass Diamond Saw Blade?

    In order to better use infrared cutting machines to cut a panel of different materials, diamond saw blade factories will optimize the blade materials according to the characteristics of the materials. For example, when cutting glass, marble, granite, quartz stone and other panel, corresponding materials must be used. Material-specific diamond saw blades. Nanoglass stone diamond saw blades are developed based on its high density and hardness, making it easier and more comfortable to process and cut nano glass stone, while minimizing cracked corners and breakage rates.

    Nanoglass diamond saw blade is specially designed for cutting nanoglass

    Harnessing the power of our unique formula, the nano glass saw blade delivers high-speed, precision cutting for a smooth, flawless finish.

    Remark: The hardness of nanoglass stone exceeds Mohs hardness 6, and the infrared bridge cutting blades of general marble and granite cannot cut, it is easy to jump off the edge, and the blade loss is also great.

    Why Nanoglass Diamond Saw Blade

    Our nanoglass saw blade is designed with unique formula to meeting customers requirements of cutting different hardness of crystallized glass stone, nano glass stone, nano white and nano marble.

    • Engineered for Nano Glass
    • Nano bond with elongated diamond segments for nano crystallized glass cutting
    • No Chipping
    • Available sizes:12”, 14”, 16” & 20”
    • Applications : Nano glass materials.

    Features : These blades are designed specifically designed for nano crystallized glass stone materials.
    Benefits : They produce the highest quality finish on nanoglass materials. No chipping or cracking of materials.

    Nanoglass Diamond Saw Blade
    350mm Nanoglass Diamond Saw Blade

    Gallery of Nanoglass Diamond Saw Blade

    The nanoglass diamond saw blade meets the smoothness of the cut surface by the fine matching of the concentration and particle size of the high-quality diamond abrasive, improves the grinding force and wear resistance of the cutting piece, and prolongs the service life of the blade.

    Nanoglass Diamond Saw Blade
    350mm Nanoglass Diamond Saw Blade
    Nanoglass Cutting Diamond Disc
    Nanoglass Cutting Blade
    Nanoglass Cutting Blade
    Nanoglass Grinding disc
    Nanoglass Grinding disc
    Nanoglass drill
    Nanoglass drill
    Nanoglass diamond drill
    Nanoglass diamond drill

    Diamond saw blade in 4 diameter dimension

    In order to adapt to different processing equipment,4 different diameter diamond saw blades for nanoglass stone.

    Segment Thickness (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Hole (mm)
    Segment No.
    12″(300 mm)
    14″(350 mm)
    16″(400 mm)
    18″(450 mm)

    Jaddas Stone is wholesale Nanoglass Cutting Diamond Blade and Nanoglass Cutting Diamond Blade suppliers

    Uses: Cutting nanoglass stone
    SerialSizeHole (mm)Remark
    1Diameter 14″ / 350 mm Saw Blade50/6040×3.2x10mm 24Teeth
    2Diameter 115 mm Saw Blade20
    3Diameter 230 mm Saw Blade15
    435 mm Drill10
    550 mm Drill10
    670 mm Drill10

    Nanoglass Panel Cutting Diamond Blade

    1. Name: Jaddas Crystallized Glass Stone Cutting Blade
    2. Fasting Cutting with Narrow segment gap.
    3. Segment height is 10 mm available.
    4. No Chipping: Diamonds are always on both sides of segments, which are fine enough to provide fast and chip-free cutting.
    5. Straight Cutting: A groove appears on the segment during cutting because of evenly distributed diamonds to keep straight cutting.
    6. Consistency: It guarantees consistent performance throughout the cutting process.

    How do I cut nanoglass tiles?

    If you use a granite blade to cut the nanoglass directly, and often cause chipping, this will explain to everyone how to reduce this situation.
    1: Buy a special nanoglass blade because the hardness of the nanoglass is higher. Natural stone granite and marble, if you use granite blades to cut the nano glass, it is easy to collapse.
    2: The newly installed blade must first cut the brick, sharpen the blade and then cut the Nanoglass (Heat and sharpen the blade for at least 15 minutes before starting any cutting.).
    3: You should also make sure that you have sufficient and constant cooling water throughout the process. You should also be sure to check if the cutting table is stable as its balance can cause damage to the stone.

    4. Be aware of the cutting speed during the process: the regular bed / table speed should be between 2.5 and 4 m / min. To cut nanoglass, the first cut should be the length of the plate and the second, in the direction of the plate width.
    5. For cuts made in sheets above 18 mm, we recommend making the cut in two steps. In the first step, one blade should reach half the plate and in the second step, it should cover another half to finish the cut.
    To perform this procedure, a plate cannot have any lateral movement. It is imperative that the disc is perfectly aligned with a cut direction.

    Produce Counter Top In Workshop

    Nanoglass Grinding disc

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