Nanoglass line, windows sills surround

    Project Description

    Nanoglass line, windows sills surround : Like granite, it can be processed on request

    Nanoglass Windows Sills Surround and Thresholds

    JADDAS STONE can use nanoglass to process any required stone line and window sill surround

    Nanoglass windows sills surround and line

    The nanoglass window sill surround and line is completely resistant to rain and sun, and will not deform, discolor or crack for a long time.
    Thickness: 18 mm(in stock)
    Edge Finishes: Straight Edges, Bevel Single, Bevel Double, Round single, etc.
    Nanoglass Stair can be customized to fit any window sill design, from traditional to modern, and can create stunning effects with light and color.

    High Quality Nanoglass Window Sill For Sale

    The nanoglass is indoor and outdoor decoration materials, widely used for countertop, kitchen top and windows sills surround for little maintenance needed. We are nano glass products manufacturer and exporter.

    Nano White Granite Window Sills and Thresholds

    • The window sill molding installed below the sash of a window makes the whole window more distinctive and elegant
    • Our nano crystal glass window sill surround moldings are available in pure white, calacatta, Bianco Carrara and other nanoglass colors
    • We could offer all kinds of window sill molding
    • The glass stone window sill design can be customized
    • We could also offer customer service as long as the dimension you want

    Various Processing Edges of Nano Crystallized Glass Stone Windows Sills & Line

    Various Processing Edges of Nanoglass

    Nanoglass Sills Surround Vs Granite & Marble Sills Surround

    Nanoglass windows sill surround

    We produce all kinds of nanoglass stone window sills, windows surround and door thresholds, which can be made according to common designs with rounded edges, polished half-rounded or rounded edges and special slots. They are the finishing touch to your indoor and outdoor decoration, showing your personal style, because the window sills still keep the beauty of the unique nano glass forms after being processed.

    The width and depth of each window vary, so you need to place the right window sill. However, there are standard widths and lengths of windows that are commonly used in the market. We offer three standard lengths of marble window sills: 74 inches, 56 inches and 36 inches.

    The thickness of the window sills is usually 18 mm. But if you have special requests, we can also produce window sills that are 3/4 inches thick (20 millimeters).

    Can nanoglass stone window sills be used for indoor or outdoor?

    How are nano glass stone window sills packaged?
    Jaddas stone nanoglass stone window sills are packed in strong wood stackable crates that are suitable for nationwide shipping.

    Jaddas Stone do business with the high aim of Honesty, Reputation, Specialization, Religious. Follow My care Principle of “Quality and Customer Always Be The First”. We commit ourselves to provide clients with the best service, high quality products, punctual delivery, and the most rational prices, We believe that success comes in reason.

    Nanoglass windows sills surround

    Nanoglass windows line

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