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    Nano Glass Tiles

    Nanoglass Tiles: A Natural, Durable, and Beautiful Solution for Your Flooring and Wall Needs

    Pure White Nanoglass Tiles

    The nanoglass Large slabs of Jaddas Stone can be cut into any size nanoglass tiles.
    Nano glass tiles are the ideal choice for your floors tiles, walls cladding, backsplashes and furniture top panel.
    Price: $60 (Factory Price)
    MOQ: At least 50 square meter
    Thickness: 18 mm(in stock), 6 mm, 25 mm
    3 MM-30 MM can be produced, need order support
    Tile Size: 300 mm × 30 mm, 30×60×1.2, 60×60×2, 40×40×1.5
    Cut-to-size or any other customized size.

    Pure white Nano Glass

    What is nanoglass tiles?

    Nanoglass tiles are made by cutting large nanoglass slabs with an infrared bridge cutting machine. Cutting nanoglass tile is the same as cutting marble-sized tiles. You only need to replace it with a special Nanoglass Diamond Saw Blade. It can be customized in any size according to customer needs, Therefore, it is different from nanoglass porcelain tiles, which only have a limited number of specifications.

    Nanoglass tiles are a new type of flooring material that offers a sleek and modern look, forming a smooth and glossy surface. Nano tiles are very durable, resistant to heat, stains, scratches, and moisture. They are also easy to clean and maintain, with no need for polishing or waxing.
    Learn more about nanoglass
    Why nanoglass?
    What is Nanoglass Stone
    What is nano white?
    What is Nanoglass?

    Nano glass tiles

    Benefits of Nanoglass Stone Tiles

    1. Zero water absorption with pure white color;
    2. High brightness >95 and double polished
    3. High density: 2.45 g/cm3
    4. High hardness;
    5. No radiation
    6. Mohs hardness: 6 degrees

    How many different vein or colors does nanoglass tiles have?

    Pure White: White is the most common color of nanoglass and the most versatile color, so some customers call it nano white tiles, glassos nano white, super thassos glass tile and super white nano tiles.
    Wooden vein: Grey wooden vein and yellow wooden vein.
    Calacatta Marble Vein: Calacatta white, calacatta gold and calacatta gray
    24 type calacatta marble textures nanoglass tiles
    Imitation natural stone texture: such as imitation marble texture, imitation granite texture, etc.
    60+ nanoglass colors


    How many thicknesses are there for nano glass tiles?

    There are several thicknesses of nanoglass slab, 6MM, 12MM, 18MM, 25MM,etc. So the application scenarios are slightly different. The following explains the application of nano glass tiles with different thicknesses.

    Nano glass tiles

    18mm thick nanoglass tiles

    18mm thick white nanoglass tiles is currently the most widely used thickness.

    Jaddas stone’s 18mm thick nano glass tile can replace 18mm thick natural stone tile specifications. Both have similar properties in terms of thickness, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and therefore can be substituted for each other.

    Super Nanoglass tiles are scratch, stain, and damage-resistant, making them ideal for high-traffic areas where glass is frequently exposed to wear and tear. They have excellent properties and can be used on indoor and outdoor walls, floors, dry-hanging walls, countertops, windowsills, steps, and Roman columns covers.

    6mm nanoglass tiles

    6mm thick nanoglass tiles

    The 6mm thick nano glass tiles has the advantages of bending resistance and lightness, and is cost-effective. It can be used on indoor and outdoor walls, floors, door panels, composite board countertops, etc. When the thickness of the composite board table is 6mm, special-shaped edges cannot be made to ensure the overall flatness and stress. This can effectively reduce later deformation and ensure the installation effect.

    12mm thick nanoglass tiles

    The 12mm thick nanoglass tiles has stronger bending resistance and load-bearing capacity, and can be used for indoor and outdoor walls, floors, window sills, threshold stones, countertops, etc. Countertops with this thickness can be used as single-board ultra-thin countertops, curved countertops, or under-counter basins, or without under-hanging.

    25mm thick nano glass tile

    Nanoglass tile with a thickness of 25mm have stronger bearing capacity and are mainly used for floor paving or exterior wall dry-hanging panel with higher requirements. It can also be used on countertops, but its pressure-bearing capacity is stronger than that of 18mm thick nanoglass tiles.

    Nanoglass Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine

    4 Step process nanoglass tiles in Jaddas factory

    Step 1: Cutting (Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine)
    Step 2: Polishing (Manual Polishing)
    Step 3: Clean and Inspect (Manual Check)
    Step 4: Packing (by wooden crated)

    How to cutting nanoglass tiles?

    Jaddas Stone: The Best Chinese nanoglass tiles Manufacturer

    Jaddas Stone is the largest manufacturer of nanoglass slab in China, specializing in providing one-stop solutions for nanoglass tiles and nanoglass panel processing.

    We have advanced production equipment and technology, and can create unique nanoglass veining according to your design drawings. We strictly control the manufacturing process, ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction.

    If you want to buy nanoglass floor tiles and nanoglass panel, please contact us immediately. Jaddas Stone is your trustworthy partner, and we will provide you with perfect products and services.

    Nanoglass Tiles Specifications

    MaterialNanoglassAlso Called: Nanoglass granite, Nano crystallized glass and nano white
    Popular SizeNanoglass Tiles Popular Size:
    Floor tiles: 12″x12″, 24″x24″, 32″x32″, 40″x40″,24″x48″ and Customized size.
    Dry hanging wall panel
    Horizontal length 900 mm~1200 mm,
    Vertical width 700 mm~900 mm
    Customized according to customer needs
    Thickness6 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm3 MM-30 MM can be produced, need order support
    OriginalShuitou, China
    ColorWhite, black, gold, gray
    Popular Color: Pure white, Calacatta White, Calacatta gold,
    Carrara White, Thassos White, Gray timber, beige timber,
    Snow White, Sapphire and Lauren Black, etc.
    Nanoglass colors Collection

    1. More than 15 years nano white flooring tiles and wall panel manufacturing experience, Professional workers and quality control.

    2. full set of automatic nano white tiles processing machine like infrared ray bridge cutting, water jet machine, edge polished machine, 45 degree cutting, edge cutting machine etc.

    3. most of the worker already worked for more than 5 years, some are 10 years, can handle any design and special project order.

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