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    Supply High-Quality Nanoglass Porcelain Tiles

    Nanoglass White Porcelain Tile and crystallized glass porcelain tile

    JADDAS has cooperated with the Nanoglass white tile factory for more than ten years, and can supply stably.

    Nano White polished porcelain

    Price: $34
    Nano Ceramic Tile Size (mm):
    600 mm x 600 mm, 600 mm x 1200 mm, 800 mm x 800 mm, 1000 mm x 1000 mm, Can be cut to any size upon request.
    Thickness : 12 mm / 15.5 mm
    Jaddas nanoglass white Porcelain tile is a crystallized glass and ceramic tile double sintered, combining the beauty of pure white Thassos marble with a composition as hard as granite.

    What is Nanoglass White Tiles?

    The Nanoglass white tile is composite porcelain tile, Composite 2 mm crystallized glass stone(marmoglass) and back porcelain tile, it also called crystallized glass porcelain tile, white nano porcelain tile, white glass porcelain tile, nano ceramic tiles etc.

    Pure white nanoglass white tile is a surface of Micro-crystal glass that is stainproof and as hard as granite, so it is very easy to keep clean. It is made by sintering, a process that heats and presses powders of silica, marble, and other natural materials for a long time, making them join together into a very strong and sealed crystalline surface. Our nanoglass white porcelain tile also has a porcelain tile base that makes it stronger and more flexible for installation.

    Advantages of Nanoglass white tiles and white nanoglass tiles

    1. Durability: Nanoglass white tiles are easy to clean and do not wear out easily. They can withstand high traffic and harsh conditions without losing their shine or quality.
    2. Economical: Nano glass white tiles are one of the most affordable types of vitrified tiles. They offer a high value for money and a long-lasting performance.
    3. Resistance: Nano glass porcelain tiles are resistant to skid, slip, stain, and scratches. They provide a safe and smooth surface that does not get damaged by spills, dirt, or friction.
    4. Water and dust resistance: Nanoglass white tile have excellent water and dust resistance. They do not absorb moisture or dust and prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Micro-crystallized glass stone tiles are also easy to wipe and dry.
    5. Glossiness and shining: Nanoglass white tiles have more than 90% glossiness and a good shining effect. They reflect light and create a bright and spacious look for any space. Nanoglass tiles also enhance the color and design of the tiles.
    6. Low maintenance: Nanoglass white tiles require low maintenance and care. They do not need polishing or waxing and can be washed and cleaned with simple methods. They retain their original appearance for a long time.

    The protective layer of white nanoglass Porcelain tiles has a high surface sheen that prevents dirt from entering the tiles, and makes them easy to clean. The granular material of the layer also improves the tiles’ strength and slip resistance, making them ideal for both home and business use, and giving them a hardness equal to granite after firing.

    Usage of Nanoglass white tiles

    Homes, school, airport warehouse, shopping mall, residential sector, and commercial areas.

    The more Micro-Crystal Porcelain Tile colors

    Micro-Crystal Porcelain Tile

    Gallery of nanoglass white tiles factory

    Why use Nanoglass White Tile?

    Emulating the elegance of pure white Thassos marble at a more enticing price point, Nanoglass white tile stands as a testament to both beauty and practicality.

    Characteristic of nanoglass white porcelain

    1. Zero water absorption with pure white color;
    2. High brightness >95 and double polished
    3. High density: 2.45 g/cm3
    4. High hardness;
    5. No radiation

    If you are looking for a floor tile that combines the high hardness and elegance of Thassos marble with the durability and easy maintenance of a sintered surface, look no further than our White Nanoglass Tile. The nano tiles are made through sintering, a process that heats and compresses natural materials such as silica and marble into a crystalline glass surface that is stronger than ordinary glass and marble and completely stain-resistant. This means you can enjoy the timeless beauty of White Thassos marble, known for its pure white color and subtle grain, without worrying about its cleaning and care. The bright, clean visuals of nanoglass white tile will create a sense of lightness and spaciousness in any space, and the minimalist design fits any style and decor. You can use this nano white tile on the floors and walls of any room, from bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms.

    Nano Crystallized Glass Stone Specifications

    BrandOEM / Unbranded packaging
    NameNanoglass White TileAlso Called: Micro-Crystal Porcelain Ceramic Tile, Micro-Crystal Porcelain  Tile, Nano tiles, Nanoglass white polish tile, Nano porcelain tile, Micro Crystal White, etc.
    Popular SizeSize:
    2600 mm x 600 mm, 600 mm x 1200 mm, 800 mm x 800 mm, 1000 mm x 1000 mm.
    Can be cut to other sizes
    Thickness12 mm, 15.5 mmThe thickness of the back porcelain tiles has two specifications, 10 mm and 13 mm
    ColorPure White

    Manufacturing process of Nanoglass Polished vitrified Tiles

    The Nanoglass white tiles are stronger and more durable because they are formed using a vitrification process in which the tiles are passed through kilns at temperatures around 1,200 degrees Celsius. It produces a hard yet shiny vitreous surface. This manufacturing process is called the vitrification process.

    Nanoglass Polished Vitrified Tiles

    Resistance to skid, slip, stain, and scratches. Excellent water and dust resistance. More than 90% glossiness and good shining.

    Price of Nanoglass White Polished Tiles

    Price USD 34 per square meter in April 2023.
    The nano tile price fluctuates with the price of source materials and the relationship between supply and demand. If you need the latest price list, please tell us ( your any inquire, we will reply you within 24 hours, we do not have a minimum order quantity, small quantities can be shipped in bulk.

    Micro-Crystal Porcelain Tile Showroom

    Micro-Crystal Porcelain-Tile Showroom

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