Why Nanoglass

Luxury Marble strong opponent


Jaddas is Nano Glass Stone Professional Manufacturer since 2011 from China.

Nanoglass is a new, innovative material that has many advantages over finishing materials such as marble and granite. It is made of natural materials and quartz sand that is heated and crystallized to form a smooth, seamless, pure white glass-like surface. Nanoglass is not only beautiful and elegant, but also durable and practical.

How about fabricate nanoglass?
China Jaddas uses a unique approach to improve Crystal Growth method and transfers sapphire products for aristocratic consumption into a super-hard building material for mass consumption— NanoGlass. It’s a revolution of the building material industry, and will gradually replace the decorative materials such as marble, granite, and others.

Nanoglass product customization

Wide range of applications

What products can nanoglass be made into?

Our factory have over 20 years of experience to process nanoglass products.

1). Interior & external wall cladding
2). Flooring Tile, panel, Stair, Column cladding
3). Basin, Countertop, Table, Bar
4). Bath, Kitchen, any tops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc.

Why Nanoglass / Found Best Stone

What are the advantages of nanoglass?

1. Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant
2. High hardness and high temperature resistance
3. High acid-base resistance and corrosion resistance
4. No radiation, environmental protection and Healthy
5. High luminance and easy to cleaning

5 feature of nanoglass Marble

1. Nanoglass stone is resistant to stains, scratches, heat and bacteria. It doesn’t absorb liquids or odors, and it doesn’t react with acids or bases, so bacteria won’t grow and cause odors. It has a Mohs hardness rating of 7 and can withstand high impact and abrasion without cracking or chipping. Likewise, it’s also easy to clean and maintain, as it only requires a damp cloth or mild detergent to wipe up any spills or stains.
2. Nano Glass stone is heat-resistant. You can place hot pots on the surface. Also, it is a perfect material for cold or humid areas. Nano Glass is not deforming, cracking or yellowing with sun exposure, it does not change the color.
3. Nanoglass white is environmentally friendly and has no radiation. It is produced without using any chemicals, and any residue can be recycled for reuse. It is also completely inert and does not emit any harmful substances or radiation.

4. Nanoglass is versatile and customizable. It can be cut, shaped and finished according to your needs and preferences. You can choose from different sizes, shapes and finishes such as polished, satin or satin. You can also use nano glass to imitate the texture and color of marble or granite (now our designers have designed 70+ imitation marble texture boards), making your space more high-end and luxurious.
5. White Nanoglass is modern and stylish. The pure white color can brighten up any space and complement any design style. Nano glass stone can create a clean and elegant look for your kitchen or bathroom that will impress your guests and make you feel comfortable.
If you want a material that is beautiful, durable, functional, eco-friendly, versatile and stylish, nano glass is the perfect choice for your countertops. Nanoglass white marble can transform your space into a modern and luxurious space that will last for many years. If you are interested in nano glass products, please contact us today to get a free quote and learn more about our products and services. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of nano glass products in China, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our quality and professionalism.


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About Jaddas Nanoglass project

1. Administration Building 2. Office Building 3. Hospital Building 4. Airport & Metro 5. Furniture 6. Commercial Buildings 7. Hotel 8. Residential Building

Nanoglass for Administration Building

Administration Building

Why Nanoglass?

“NANOGLASS” is a very good decorative stone suitable for dry hanging on the interior and exterior walls of administrative buildings. Because its color is pure white, it means justice, purity, dignity, integrity, etc., which is very in line with the image that the administrative building needs to display.

Nanoglass for office Building

Office Building

Why Nanoglass?

Nanoglass is jade-like luster, which are similar to natural marble. It has unparalleled advantages such as non-toxicity, easy maintenance, seamless splicing, and arbitrary shape. These characteristics make nanoglass products very suitable for decorating office buildings and providing you with a safe, beautiful and practical working environment.

Nanoglass for Residential Building

Residential Building

Why Nanoglass?
Nanoglass is a great choice for use in residential buildings due to its durability and versatility. Nanoglass an excellent choice for floor tiles and TV ground walls, where it can provide a durable and easy-to-clean surface that will last for years to come.

Nanoglass used in Airport & Metro

Airport & Metro

Subways and airports have very high foot traffic, which means that the decorative materials used in these places must meet high standards of wear resistance and easy maintenance. Nanoglass is one of the materials that meets these requirements.

Nanoglass used in Furniture


Why Nanoglass?

One of the main advantages of nano glass furniture is its durability. The furniture surface is highly scratch-resistant, making it ideal for use on tables and countertops. In addition, the nano glass material is very easy to clean, just a damp cloth is needed to keep it in top condition.

Nanoglass used in Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Nanoglass is a new type of material that is rapidly gaining popularity in the construction industry, Nanoglass is increasingly being used in commercial building projects.
One of the primary benefits of using nanoglass in commercial buildings is its high strength. This makes it ideal for use in structures that require high levels of strength, such as skyscrapers and large commercial buildings.

Nanoglass used in hotel


Nano glass stone is a versatile and durable material that is perfect for use in high-end hotels and other luxury spaces. Its ability to be heat-formed into curved panels and seamlessly spliced makes it an ideal choice for exterior walls and lobbies, where it can create a sleek and modern look. These properties make it an excellent choice for bathroom countertops, where it can provide a durable and easy-to-clean surface that will last for years to come.

Nanoglass used in Hospital Building

Hospital Building

The pure white nanoglass has a jade-like luster and is similar to natural marble products. It has unparalleled advantages such as non-toxicity, non-radiation, flame retardant, antibacterial and anti-mold, wear resistance, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless splicing, and arbitrary shape. These feature make nanoglass products suitable for use in column cladding, nanoglass floor tiles, bathroom washbasins, background walls and other decorations.


Nanoglass stone is a kind of artificial stone. Through high-tech production technology, it realizes the stone with the same internal crystal phase structure as natural stone, shortens the growth cycle of stone for hundreds of millions of years, and forms superior nano crystallized glass stone with better performance than natural stone!

Fabrication of Nano Glass

Nanoglass is a unique option for anyone needing the cleanest, purest white available. Nanoglass is created by pouring a mixture that consists of 75% silica into a mold to form the slab.

What is Nanoglass?

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3D Inkjet printed Nanoglass is marble look Nanoglass based on Pure White Nanoglass by 3D Printing Technology. Various kinds of Natural Marble Patterns can be made as required, Now We have designed more than 70+ popular natural stone texture styles.

It also can be applied for interior and exterior floor and wall facade, column, and countertops for various kinds of commercial projects and private projects.

Nanoglass slab size:
2800 mm X 1500 mm X 18 mm, 2800 mm X 1600 mm X 18 mm
3000 mm X 1500 mm X18 mm, 3000 mm X 1600 mm X 18 mm
3200 mm X 1500 mm X18 mm, 3000 mm X 1600 mm X 18 mm
Thickness: 12 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm
Customization of thickness and size.

Yes. Nanoglass is cheaper artificial quartz stone, Much cheaper than luxury marble, need nanoglass product price list, please email us: sales@jaddas.com

The Most Popular nanoglass Countertop Colors:
Pure white nano white, Calacatta white, Calacatta Gold, Grey Wood Vein, Statuario White, Ariston Marble, Napoleon Gold, Sunny White, Oriental White, Carrara White, Volakas Marble, Thassos White, Bianco Dolomiti, Macedonia Marble, Panda Marble, Snow White, Sapphire and Lauren Black.

China Largest Nanoglass Factory Direct, Competitive Price
Nanoglass Slab specular gloss over 100 degrees
— Pure white slab and Popular Marbling Slab
— Size: 2800 – 3200 mm X 1600/1500 mm
— Thickness: 12-30 mm, 18 mm in stock
— Size and thickness can be customized
— The Marbling can be customized according to the drawing
Nanoglass Countertops
— The size and shape can be customized according to the order requirements.
External & internal wall dry hanging panels
–The size and style of the dry-hanging nanoglass panel can be customized
NanoGlass Column, tiles, step, bar top, desktop and vanity top
— Hot bending, special-shaped, etc.

Nanoglass Application:
1). Interior & external wall cladding
2). Flooring Tile, Stair, Column cladding
3). Basin, Countertop, Table, Bar
4). Bath, Kitchen, any tops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc.

Yes, Good idea.

You are getting the beauty of glass and Thassos marble in an incredibly durable and cleanable tile. This sintered surface is both stronger than typical glass and marble and completely stainproof, so you’re left with the timeless luxury of White Thassos marble. Without any of the maintenance headaches. The crisp, clean visual will brighten up any space. And the minimalist design can be used on floors and walls in any room


Great for a kitchen countertop and bathroom vanity top.
Nanoglass kitchen countertop

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